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 That sort-of-battle 06/10/09

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That sort-of-battle 06/10/09 Empty
PostSubject: That sort-of-battle 06/10/09   That sort-of-battle 06/10/09 Empty6/10/2009, 3:55 pm

Hey ppls

well... I'm not sure if i can make anything out of what happened last night: If anyone can help me piece together what really happened: HELP ME geek

Seeing as how i brought in the Daemons expecting 1 game with 1 person which then evolved into a 3 using 500 points each (Orks Space marines and Tau) Vs my 500 of daemons, then morphed into 4 (extra space marine army???? (how is that 4vs 2? like i said, HELP Razz ) And Tyranids) vs me and Kirby (Chaos Space Marines), with me being allowed my full 1500 allotment and Kirby bringing some models too, cue 2 orbital bombardments on my daemonettes which both failed 1 space marine, the Tau and Tyranid players of the players getting bored and doing their own game, leaving 1 brave space marine player and the Ork player to weather the Force frickin' 21 Hurricane (with 5 being wtf destructive and the theoretical max on the chart for hurricane strength, i think) of Chaos... I'm not fully sure if this wall of text makes sense or not... Does 'Miyo Mikado no shi no tsukai' translate as "look! here comes our(the?) Emperor's executioner!"?

I can't remember what happened, i was confused at the start: what was happening, i'm a confused young adult, i'm thirsty, i'm in need of a can of carbonated caffeine/sugar!
If only i wrote down the details of those 2 Warmachine games quite a few weeks back. 1 where i went Head-to-head with Alex's aggressive Khador tactics (then again, isn't the motto "play like you've got a pair?") (which i somehow won fyi! lol! ) and a quick one against Darren's Cygnar, he hadn't played against Cryx before and i was happy to demonstrate how Deneghra can effectively and castrate a jack (no pun intended on the PP motto) but he won that one what i think was fairly easily, more on these when i can remember as much as possible)
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That sort-of-battle 06/10/09 Empty
PostSubject: Re: That sort-of-battle 06/10/09   That sort-of-battle 06/10/09 Empty7/10/2009, 4:10 am

I just love the whole multi-player, lot's of kids, confusing games!

They rock!

Or not....

While I have been away for a couple of weeks i should be back next Tuesday. (13th Oct, un-lucky for some!)

Mark my words boys and, well, boys things are going to change!

See y'all next week!

This is Lola she thinks you look real puurdy!

That sort-of-battle 06/10/09 Khadorsight3
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That sort-of-battle 06/10/09
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