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 06/10/09 Warhammer 40k

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06/10/09 Warhammer 40k Empty
PostSubject: 06/10/09 Warhammer 40k   06/10/09 Warhammer 40k Empty29/9/2009, 3:23 pm

Hey hey ppls

The call to arms has been sounded and i answer!

i'll be bringing 1 of my armies to the club next week for a rumble if anyone is interested, shall we say 1000 points perhaps? i can push to 1500 if need be, if you want a lower point limit make sure to say.

Oh and if i choose to use the Chaos Daemons, was talking with Andy and decided to try something thats outside the daemon mold: normally the army is halved and then 1 half jumps into battle whilst the other half has to enter using reserves rules
what if 1 half of the army drops in as normal but then the 2nd half drops in as a whole instead of seperate squads?
its outside the normal rules but its more of a curiosity to see if it affects the daemons' survivability or not, seeing as how when i fought Andy a while back his army killed off all my daemons before the other squads had time to start dropping in @
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06/10/09 Warhammer 40k
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