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 Warhammer Fantasy Dark elves, and Daemons

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Warhammer Fantasy Dark elves, and Daemons Empty
PostSubject: Warhammer Fantasy Dark elves, and Daemons   Warhammer Fantasy Dark elves, and Daemons Empty20/12/2009, 8:58 am

Hey hey ppls

Good lord its actually snowing D:
Anyway, I just remembered I was supposed to be selling my brother’s old Warhammer Fantasy Dark elf army… Its functional list requirements-wise

2 Sorceresses (on foot)

1 unopened (still in its cellophane wrapping) box of Dark elf warriors (16 warriors that can either be spearmen or repeater crossbowmen)

17 Corsairs (with standard bearer, all with hand weapons)
(min sizes for both warriors and corsairs is 10+)

23 Witch elves (18 standard witch elves plus command squad of 5)
(min size for Witch elf squads us 5+)

Heroes= HQ
Core= Troops
Special= Elite

Shall we take a look at what GW would charge?

1 sorceress (foot and mounted versions)
2 sorceresses is 23.5

1 box of dark elf warriors

1 box of 10 Corsairs

20 Witch elves

Witch elf command squad (5 models)

All this is roughly 114 if bought from GW

So here’s what I’m gonna do for you lot:
Both sorceresses

The box of dark elf warriors

The 17 corsairs

The 23 Witch elves
28 (down from the workshop’s 61.70)

If this calculator is correct, I’m selling the Dark elves for 56 (call it 55 for simplicities sake!)
You’ll save
58 (59 if we just call my asking price 55)

I have the magic box supplement lying around somewhere, i'll fish out the dark magic cards and throw those in for free, they may be old so a spell or 2 may be outdated but i can't be sure

There’s also the body of Morathi's pegasus, a Lord (special character) lying around but can’t find the rest of her
Also half a cauldron of blood but can’t find those bits either
A small handful of Cold ones too but again, can’t find the rest of the gubbins for them 
Several of the corsairs and a couple Witch elves don’t have bases btw

only 2 of the Witch elves are something resembling painted. Some of the corsairs will need base coating, otherwise the rest of the army is base coated.

If you wish to buy let me know either in person at the club or better- here on the forum to bring them in next time the club is on.


Decided to add my brother' classic Chaos daemons to the mix

These are the old metal daemons

GW pricing-

Fantasy Chaos Daemon prince (doesn't appear to be available for the Fantasy daemons army based on GW website, also the closest thing to the daemon prince that i can see on the GW site is Be'Lakor, the Dark master)
Be'lakor- 17.60

3 Flamers of Tzeentch

10 blood letters of Khorne

5 Plaguebearers of Nurgle

5 Horrors of Tzeentch

5 Flesh hounds of Khorne

2 Chaos Spawn

So here's what i'm gonna do (all Metal models):

The Fantasy Daemon prince

2 Classic Flamers of Tzeentch

10 classic bloodletters of Khorne inc standard bearer and musician

9 Plaguebearers of Nurgle

4 classic Pink Horrors of Tzeentch plus 2 Blue horrors for each pink horror (making for 12 horrors in total)

3 Flesh hounds of Khorne (1 has lost its base!)

4 Classic Seekers of Slaanesh (aka the Dr. Zoidberg versions, lol. Both the Zoidberg and newer Seekers have been missing from the GW site for months now)

1 OLD Chaos spawn

GW= roughly 106
me= 36
(to be fair, what i have are the OLD variants, and the horrors are frustratingly just below the minimum FR for a unit of them, unless you mix it up with the horrors and mix in the blues at the start.
Also they're from 10 years ago so they are in my opinion, poorly painted, and hence why they are all in metal.

Either way you'll save 70 by skimping on the older versions from me instead of the new stuff from GW, haha. Pick 'em apart for conversions, do what you will with them.

Oh and randomly, first Necromancer Nagash for 20, he's at least decently painted, and a nice collector's item at that.

Many thanks

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Warhammer Fantasy Dark elves, and Daemons
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