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 Dark Future

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Dark Future Empty
PostSubject: Dark Future   Dark Future Empty18/3/2009, 12:01 pm

On Tuesday 17 March, we playtested Dark Future. A game of future highway warriors on the M6 around Birmingham in rush hour.

Armed with deadly weapons from pattern mines, and lasers to machine guns and oil slicks. Players race around the circuit trying to catch the other cars, and blow them to the big skidmark in the sky.

Cars spin, screech, brake, accelerate all at a great pace with this game. The mechanics are fantastic enabling all players to have something to do all the time, and the faster you go, the more actions (shots, etc) you can make. Although it took a long time to play at first, you feel always involved.

the game is made for a campaign as well so players earn money from racing to buy equipment weapons and all the regular goodies you may expect. It may also be possible to convert your own cars from corgi toys, add some regular 15mm scale weaponry, and hey presto. I cant see a reason why you could not anything from hulking lorries to silent 'ninja' milk floats racing round the circuit.

Lots of fun, although at first it did give Mr Curbi a headache knowing the rules. But he is great with learning rules.

ps Andy fired the first shots of the game, rolling 3 6's after each other, his machine gun managed to fire through the window of Neal's car critically knocking the driver out!

later, with (unknown - dummies, miines, oil, smoke, spikes etc) patches strewn over the race track, Richard C and Andy ended up having a head on collision at 30mph. it turned out they were both avoiding some 'dummy' counters.

opinion: cheers
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Dark Future
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