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 Week 1 of the Warmachine mini-tournie

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Week 1 of the Warmachine mini-tournie Empty
PostSubject: Week 1 of the Warmachine mini-tournie   Week 1 of the Warmachine mini-tournie Empty16/2/2010, 8:05 pm

(and not a single Hordes army to be seen!)
Hey people, its me again, bringing you more Warmachine madness!
We got an escalating points MANGLED METAL battle going on starting at 15 points, then 25 then 35 points as the 3 weeks progress, with the Mangled metal not being used for the 25 and 35 point battles.
i won't be around next week btw

To start things off, it was me, Neil, Alex and Andy, classic ministry of classiness as far as the factions are concerned

After a quick roll-off, it became me vs Andy (my first tussle with Cygnar!) and Alex vs Neil

here's how the lists lined up:
Lieutenant Caine


Morefailure- ahem, i mean MORTENEBRA & Deryliss


Andy got the roll to go first but let me go first instead, i think (i was really hungry at the time, lol)

deploying in a straight line facing his with Mortenebra and her faithful mechanikal sidekick Deryliss behind the Slayer and Seether, they hungrily loped forwards, not quite running their full distances (i think) whilst the Deathripper ran down the left hand flank to get into position for any possible doomspiral arcing
I spell-slaved Spectral steel onto the Seether, and cast Spectral steel on the slayer to make my metal wall more durable and ghostly.

Oh noes, i've forgotten the details! Its all gone to hell on a tractor powered by jolly instrumental music pulling a float with a mob of zombies who are vomiting fire into barrels, yayyyy!

But what i do remember is the Seether and Slayer both getting disrupted at least twice each, Deryliss getting squashed in an almost comedic fashion by the Seether being slammed by an arced thunderclap on Andy's first turn
Me making the mother-of-all-c*ck-ups by getting the crazed hallucination that Mortenebra is a stealth caster (which i think came from some bizarre mix-up from the old card pdf file, too tired at this stage to check)
Caine popping his feat and failing to remove the deathripper, panging off the Seether, missing the slayer, hitting Thunderhead in the back and he only rolled double 6 when damaging his own warjack

The Seether gaining Spectral steel, terminal velocity and barreling across the Charger wreck to deliver MAT 8 ridiculousness to a Caine who had no focus left, he died to the Seether's gold tipped tusks

Cryx 1
Cygnar 0

Yes, i may of won it but it feels somehow pyrrhic/empty in that i was operating under the notion that Mortenebra was a stealth caster (denying caine a potential turn 2 assassination with deadeye and snipe), having said that its tempting to call it a draw in the interest of fairplay

I played Alex and his


Beast 09

After that and oh how i remember mangling the spriggan a bit, throwing it around and then hitting it with doomspiral while it was down, causing 6 damage to Zherkova from just 2 casts of spiral,, beast whacking a deathripper dead in 1 swing, then the spriggan shaking shaking the knockdown, and it and beast barreling into Mortenebra and chopping her into sushi on like, turn 3

Regardless that one ended

Khador 1
Cryx 0

making for a grand total of

khador 4-5
Cryx 0 (Sath is being dominated by Alex and his cunningly genetically modified yellow dice!)

Goodnight Sleep Sleep (morning at this time of posting.... Last time i have a late night tea time....)

Last edited by sath on 17/2/2010, 8:17 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Lancers are not chargers)
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Week 1 of the Warmachine mini-tournie
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