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 new menoth caster

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Neal Orange peel

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PostSubject: new menoth caster   new menoth caster Empty28/12/2009, 4:09 am

No Menite alive is as concerned for the fate of heathen souls as Vice Scrutator Vindictus. Where others among the Protectorate see only a faceless sea of heretics, Vindictus sees potential devotees of the True Faith. Where others preach with words, Vindictus communicates with agony. The holy zealots who follow this unforgiving priest fight with the strength of fanatics and martyrs, adding to their own numbers with each strike. Vindictus travels far from the Protectorate’s borders, raising armies loyal to the Lawbringer and turning them against any of their countrymen foolish enough to resist the will of Menoth.

He sounds for sure like he will be creating Holy Zealots :-) to chuck firebombs aplenty atcha! The Menoth forums are really bigging up the fluff (above) as well as the awesome sculpt - and i have to agree, it looks superb. cant wait.

although i already have a troll and circle army sitting to be painted
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PostSubject: Re: new menoth caster   new menoth caster Empty28/12/2009, 5:24 am

I'm pretty sure holy zealots were nerfed by MkII, sounds like this dude is where the zealots' MkI strength went. Making zealots out of enemy infantry wouldn't surprise me in the slightest: Cryx already have 3 models that do it for their respective units, so it makes sense giving another faction some unit size increasing ability, and to make Zealots not-so nerfed as they can be replaced on the field.

The Circle can burn, i'm not that fond of them, particularly their warbeasts! Especially the Gorax model seeing as how it has a face like a slapped arse Suspect
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new menoth caster
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