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 new sculpts!

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Neal Orange peel
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Neal Orange peel

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new sculpts! Empty
PostSubject: new sculpts!   new sculpts! Empty21/12/2009, 1:44 pm

for those not watching the pp website -

the old casters look like they are all being re-sculpted. recently the butcher of khardov has been re-done, and looks sweet!

I wonder if a certain someone will be taking a shopping trip soon * Alex!

I hope they keep the majority of kits metal, as the weight is great, and them being made in liverpool - i love it. A few plastics i can understadn though for modelling purposes.
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new sculpts! Empty
PostSubject: Re: new sculpts!   new sculpts! Empty21/12/2009, 3:04 pm

yeah i spied the new & improved Pirate queen skarre a couple weeks back, but a new Butcher is news to me...
Just checked and he gets my thumbs up for giving a better impression of a homicidal patriotic fruitbasket with an axe powerful enough to shear warjacks and infantry alike in 2 and have more then just a glint in his eye whilst doing so.

I haven't thought about what Skarre could do for me, i've been too busy fawning over what Mortenebra, Asphyxious or Terminus could do. But the new Skarre is a compelling reason to find ways how i could field her.
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new sculpts!
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