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 New shinies in Warmachine

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New shinies in Warmachine Empty
PostSubject: New shinies in Warmachine   New shinies in Warmachine Empty29/10/2009, 8:26 am

Not sure if anyone else here knew already but lookies at this
Starting near the bottom are new 'jacks, multi-part 'jacks to be exact- for instance; the all-new Cryx corrupter's box set can be assembled into a corrupter, Reaper or Slayer (which btw as you'll read on the site, its a plastic model, which will probably go for the other faction's multi-part jacks (which ofc, must be new for Privateer Press)

Allow me to be the first to go 'ooooooooh, shiny!' lol!

Also Khador hasn't skimped on the general size and 'punch your warjack's face in look on their new toy the Decimator, looks like its got some sort of wood metal saw too, and has the look of wearing large pantaloons, but i don't think other players will be laughing for long when it opens up Ironclads and Earthborn Dire Trolls alike with its saw blade.

Cryx's corrupter is bit of an oddball: its like the necrotechs took a Defiler bonejack, tore its legs and head off, stuck it to a stick and bolted it to the left arm, gave it some extra sludge tanks and fed a firing tube through where its head used to be. The pincer from a Leviathan and stuck that on the right arm, gave it a wider surface to crush things especially on the lower half and gave that some sludge tanks, and the mandibles from the Cankerworm and stuck them where the face on the head should be, which are probably connected to a couple bladders full of sludge...

the Protectorate's Templar will be a headache to deal with, mostly being its a protectorate heavy jack with a shield (centurion eat your heart out- there's a new heavy jack playa on da field with a soviet block) & flail, which will probably have a 360 degree arc swing and a manic glint in its wide eyes, pray there isn't 'set defense' rounding off this big turkey @

And Cygnar's Cyclone looks overkill with its dual chain guns; its bound to knock 7 shades of colour out of an infantry heavy army if gatling gun strafing hasn't changed for worse that is cherry And i do declare it reminds me of a Space marine Terminator holding a pair of heavy flamers (the way it holds its chain guns) which i reckon reinforces its anti-infantry look.

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New shinies in Warmachine
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