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 Just a quick enquiry...

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Just a quick enquiry... Empty
PostSubject: Just a quick enquiry...   Just a quick enquiry... Empty16/7/2009, 6:34 pm

Which days are we supposed to go to the library? i meant to ask at the club on Tuesday, but due to unforeseen circumstances of extreme importance, (Believe me, I hate missing the club), I couldn't make it Sad
I'm just making sure so i don't miss it 'cos i know it's real important *nodnod*
M'kay, see you later king
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Just a quick enquiry... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Just a quick enquiry...   Just a quick enquiry... Empty17/7/2009, 12:49 pm

27th June in Winsford,
3rd August in Northwich
10th August Northwich
17th August Winsford

The venues for the last 2 might be the other way round I can't remember for sure

Never fear Andy's here

Just a quick enquiry... Subpartisans
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Just a quick enquiry...
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