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 GW models which need to go

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GW models which need to go Empty
PostSubject: GW models which need to go   GW models which need to go Empty23/5/2009, 11:55 am

hey hey ppls

i'm downsizing my GW model collection! (most of the Necrons went ages ago but still got models that need to go Razz )

A box of 12 Necron warriors + 3 scarab swarms 17.60
1 Necron lord with resurrection orb 7.85
1 Necron destroyer 9.80
The nightbringer 17.60
The Deciever 17.60

10 Necron warriors + 7 scarab swarms plus lord with resurrection orb 10
3 Necron destroyers 10-15
these are confirmed sales now
The Nightbringer 5-10
The Deciever (not quite fully painted and his cloth piece for the front is missing) 5
spare green rods thrown in for free since paint stripper or fresh paint will dull the rods already fitted

A box of 8 gaunts + 8 hormagaunts plus ripper base 17.60
A box of 8 Genestealers 14.70

14 Termagaunts (gaunts with Flesh borers) + 14 Hormagaunts 10
16 Genestealers: basic 'stealers- just rending claws (no scything talons) and no flesh hooks or anything like that, bio-morphs such as toxin sacs or extended carapace could just be stuck on as normal (oh and 8 of them are only base coated, the other 8 is in my Hive fleet Kraken variant colour scheme) 15-20

Now your probably wondering why i'm selling all this for prices in multiples of 5, well notes are generally easier to put into the bank and i need the money to compensate for Murhpy's law peeing on me from a great height regarding upgrading my poor, poor computer, also perhaps give warmachine a go, and to cut down on models i don't use that much anymore in 40k games and at prices lower than GW and in greater quantities (since heck, 3 Necron destroyers from GW would be 28 and dessies kick some booty on the table top) so i suppose everyone wins (except for the models who get to enjoy a swim in <insert name of paint stripper here> tongue

I should probably mention its a good idea to either PM me here or ask in person on tuesdays so i can bring the models in for the following tuesday

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GW models which need to go
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