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 Skorne Log

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PostSubject: Skorne Log   Skorne Log Empty23/2/2009, 4:49 pm

Hi their guys and girls.

May and June sees the Club Challenge and UK Masters (respectively). In preparation for this I will log games I play. Both tournaments will be 750 pts and to my knowledge using Steamroller 4 scenarios.

Any how a couple of nights ago I played against Neal and here's how it went down...

Armies were as follows

Skorne - 746 points

Lord Assassin Morghoul

Cyclops Savage
Cyclops Savage
Titan Cannoneer

Ancestral Guardian
Ancestral Guardian
Extoller Soulward
Extoller Soulward

Paingiver Beast Handlers
Praetorian Ferox
Praetorian Karax
Praetorian Swordsmen

Protectorate - 732 points

Grand Scrutator Severius


Exemplar Seneschal
Vassal of Menoth

Choir of Menoth
Deliverers (4 added)
Flameguard Cleansers
Holy Zealots (4 added)
Monolith Bearer
Knights Exemplar

We rolled for scenario and got King of the Plateau.

I deployed first and eschewing the common "brick formation" spread out across the width of the board.

Neal the deployed with most of his force bunched up in the centre leaving his zealots on one flank and some cleansers & delivers on the other.

Skorne 1st - Pretty much everything, except Karax, AG's and Morghoul ran.

Menoth 1st - Again just movement. Most of his stuff wary of the Canoneer only advanced. His zealots ran leaving one lucky "volunteer" exposed at the front of the unit.

Skorne 2nd - Praetorians, who were facing off against the zealots, weren't baited by the "easy" charge and stood still. One of the Extollers put Ghost Sight on the Cannoneer, who advanced and took a shot at Severius. The shot was just short but the subsequent scatter took out a single Knight Exemplar. Paingivers activated next, enraging one of the Cyclops Savages. The Cyclops charged across the plateau into the Crusader dealing 15 points of damage to the heavy warjack. The Ferox were up next and they charged the Flameguard Cleansers killing 3 (the only ones they could get into melee range with). Pretty much everything else advanced with the Karax putting up a sheild wall.

Menoth 2nd - Zealots advanced and Greater Destiny'ed. The Choir used Infuse and managed to catch all 4 warjacks. Determined to take out the Cycolps Savage all the 'jacks moved into combat with it. The Savage took a fair bit of damage but somehow still stood and had at least one point in each aspect. Severius went next and cast Death Sentence on one of the Ferox. The Flameguard Cleansers and Delivers combined their fire and took out the affected Ferox. However they couldn't get rid of either of the other two and as such couldn't force a command check.

Skorne 3rd - One of the Extollers gave Morghoul Ghost Sight. Morghoul used Shadowfall, then his feat, and advanced to behind the Devout (one of only two scoring Menoth units on the plateau) he managed to do a fair bit of damage but wasn't quite able to take it down. The Cyclops then turned to deal a death blow to the Devout. With only one scoring unit left, an undamaged Revenger the Cannoneer spotted the perfect opportunity to win the game. With a huge roar slammed the Revenger off the plateau. With that we ended the game.


I think in retrospect I was very lucky. If I were in Neal's shoes I would have made a couple of different decisions.

I think he forgot about the scenario, I would have made a much more concerted effort to get on the plateau. More over on the second turn as opposed to casting Death Sentence on the Ferox I would have used one of the arc-nodes, who weren't in combat at the time, to cast it on the savage.

This could have turned the game on it's head and would have made life significantly harder for me.

To his credit Neal is a great opponent and even though I usually beat him he never gets too grumpy.

I hope you enjoyed my little write up, watch this space for more reports.

Oh and any questions just ask.

This is Lola she thinks you look real puurdy!

Skorne Log Khadorsight3
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Skorne Log Empty
PostSubject: Re: Skorne Log   Skorne Log Empty23/2/2009, 10:58 pm

"never gets too grumpy"

Yes, I did forget about the objective. After such a long run of defeats Vs Skorne, my playing has become more a a style of of how long I can survive for.

The Ferox are a very powerfu; unity, able to more incredibley swiftley, and cause much damage, So, they became the target of Death Sentance, but still the deliverers and cleansers failed to do much damage.

I must remember when I have cast what spells as well (Eye of Menoth grants +1 all attack and damage rolls)

Always fun games though playing Alex, but if you do invite him round, be prepared to be up into the small hours of the morning.

Thanks for writing this up, a oood read, Alex
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Skorne Log
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